What is Internet History Eraser?

Don't Pay For Any Program That Claims To Erase Your History Until You See This

May 26, 2009 by admin 

Storing internet history on your computer without deleting it for a long time can prove to be fatal, internet history can be dangerous if anyone other than you get access to it, and the easiest way of making sure that it does not happen is to delete the history. Many people who use the internet forget that all the usage patterns and the websites you visited get logged and saved as internet history files, it even stores the information about the images and videos that you might have seen on the internet. This log of private data is not desirable to be in someone else’s hand.

Internet history eraser is a software that erases the internet history from your computer completely, although there are many ways to delete the internet history manually, it has been proved that most of those method are inadequate and do not erase the data and information completely, this can be very dangerous as the data can be retrieved and the person can still lose his/her privacy and right to secrecy. Internet history eraser erases all the files from the computer completely; it makes sure that the data is completely erased leaving no traces behind.

Internet history eraser software is one of kind software that uses modern technology to its utmost use. Internet history eraser is compatible with many of the browsers that are available in the market today. It searches for the history documents and completely deletes them all. Most of the browsers store that internet history files in hidden files and folders, this software searches for the files and folders and deletes them all. It even searches for those files that are not marked as history files but contain internet history information.

Different browsers have different ways to store the hidden files, with the invention of embedding the search tab inside the browser window itself, it has become prudent that the search terms and associated data is stored somewhere in the local computer, these files are stored separately from the other history files. These data can be crucial as it can reveal a lot of information if it falls into the wrong hands. The internet history remover software finds such index files that store the search terms and delete it completely.

Many users fail to recognize the importance of deleting the internet history data. Most importantly, many people fail to recognize that data once deleted is not completely deleted and it leaves certain traces that can be used to get back the data. This is the main reason why so many people are convicted every year for the data found on their computer that pertains to illegal websites and services, sometimes you might have opened a website just by accident or it could have been a pop up, but the history would still show that you had visited the site. This kind of inaccuracies does not only bring in wasteful data and clog your system but also gets you into trouble.

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