Erase Windows Vista History History

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erase windows vista history history
How can I ensure that I am the only one who can delete your browsing history on my computer?

I have an HP with Windows Vista and Internet Explorer. There are three users on my team, my children and me. How can I make sure they are not able to delete your history navigation, although it has been signed in their names?

the only way to make sure that your song does not erase the history browseing children is to make an entrance separate from the team and not allow power admistrator

Delete browsing history Firefox and Internet Explorer

Erase Windows Search History

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erase windows search history
how do I erase the promting history of searches in my search window for google and yahoo?

on the desktop right click on internet explorer, then go to properties, then click the tabs that say delete cookies, delete files, then the clear history and u should be all set

How To: delete your history and clear search bar

Erase Windows 7 History History

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erase windows 7 history history
Help clear your search history …?

I know how to erase history, but any time I type in a search bar that brings previous research, how can I remove (delete all) and there is a way of keeping my rescue equipment? if it matters I have Windows 7, a Toshiba laptop and use Google Chrome i.

This is part of the functionality of AutoComplete in Internet Explorer, go Options on the Tools menu / Internet / Content / AutoComplete / Settings There you can set options for forms and passwords. In Firefox: Forms: Go to Tools / Options / Privacy – Select "Use custom settings for the story" – check or uncheck "Remember your search history and form" Passwords: go to Tools / Options / Security / Passwords can also delete entries in the form by double-clicking on an empty, scroll down to the first point, then press DELETE to each entry. ₪ ₪ ʎəɿʞɹɐq

How to Delete Your Internet History:Windows 7 or Vista