How To Completely Clear Your Google History…

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Google is the best search engine out these providing the most accurate and relevant results to searches. That is the reason why Google has remained the #1 search engine since the past several years.

It is, however, quite possible that due to default settings or otherwise, your Google activities may be being recorded.

In this tutorial, we are going to give some simply steps using which you can completely delete your history in various Google avenues.

Erasing the history of searched terms from Google Homepage

On visiting the Google Homepage ( and clicking upon the search box, a list of previously searched terms are displayed.  Depending on the browser that you use, the following steps may be followed to clear that search-box history list.

For Microsoft Internet Explorer Users:

Step 1) Click on “Tools” menu. (Alt + T)

Step 2) Click on “Internet Options”.

Step 3) Go to the “General” tab.

Step 4) Under the section “Browsing History”, click on “Delete”.

Step 5) Click on “Delete Forms”.

For Mozilla Firefox Users:

Step 1) Click on “Tools” menu. (Alt + T)

Step 2) Click on “Options”.

Step 3) Go to the “Privacy” tab.

Step 4) Under the section “Private Data”, click on “Clear Now”.

Step 5) Check “Saved Form and Search History”.

Step 6) Click on “Clear Private Data Now”

Clearing search history from the text box on Google Toolbar

Similar to the Google Home Page, the history of searches performed via Google Toolbar are also logged. To clear Google toolbar history, follow the steps given below:

Step 1) Click on the Dropdown button on the Toolbar

Step 2) Click the last option which says “Clear Search History”

Clearing Search History From ‘Google Search History’

If you are a member of any google service like GMail, Orkut, etc, you may have opted for a google account with “Google Search History” enabled.

Google Search History is like the Search History we have been talking about in this article, only this time it is online instead of being on your computer.

Thus, even if you follow the procedures outlined above to delete search history from your local computer it will still be maintained online. In order to delete the online history, follow these instructions:

Step 1) Log in to Google via your Google Account.

Step 2) Click on “Search History” on the Google home page or visit

Step 3) Click on “Remove items” on the sidebar.

Step 4) Click on “Clear Entire Web History” which is located at the top bar.

Step 5) On the next page, click on “Clear History” button.

These are some of the ways in which your google search history can be cleared. Remember this is only one aspect of preventing intrusion of privacy. It is always an advisable task to use specialist softwares which are made specifically for the purpose of privacy protection.

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