Erase Windows Web Browser History

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How to clear my cache for Windows

Erase Windows Computer History

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erase windows computer history
How do you see the what someone else was looking at on your computer after they just pushed delete history?

I have Windows Vista and Internet Explorer for my browser. I have someone that needs to know how to look at the sites her husband was looking at even though he just simply erased the history?

Please teach me so I can pass the info on.
I know its not gone for good. I just dont know how to find it using windows vista. I know someone said search for the index.dat file. But where do I search?

I used to use the search and just have it search any files accessed in the last few days. That way it would show me cookies that websites leave behind. You can go into the temporary internet files and see the cache that visited websites leave behind. Be careful to jump to conclusions though, because sometimes they leave stuff even if the site wasn’t actually visited. But it will give youan idea. My computer has never seen a porn site and if I go into my temporary internet file folder, I have no pornagraphic material or websites at all. I think you have to be on something like it before it leaves stuff behind, but it might not be exact. Play with it until you feel more confident about it.

Ctrl + Alt + Del: the history…

Erase Firefox Toolbar History

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How to clear search history in Mozilla Firefox 2.2 …? The Google Toolbar always keep the search history?

Iam using ccleaner, but also the search history is not to remove …..

Clear Google search history to keep privacy

CCleaner (v2.19.900)

Erase Windows Internet Browser History

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erase windows internet browser history
how do i erase the history from my Yahoo browser?

how do i erase the history on my yahoo browser window. “internet options” then clear history does not work

if you’re using the sbc yahoo browser, go to Tools and Browser Options. You can clear the address history from there. Otherwise, if you’re using the internet explorer or firefox, try downloading CCleaner. It’s a great program that deletes the internet history, tracking cookies, and any other stuff you want to delete from your internet history.

How to Use Internet Explorer 7 : How to Clear Your Internet Browser History on Internet Explorer 7

Erase Windows Browser History

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Clear Computer History


Many PC users believe that if they clear their computer history and close their browser, the trails of whatever sites they have surfed will disappear forever. However, this is not always true. In fact, a lot of such information stays back on the hard-drives. Unless we know the exact location where such information lay hidden, they could stay in the system and may act as a potential threat to our privacy by disclosing the browsing habits. Just imagine what will happen if your spouse, boss, kids or a friend becomes curious to know what you have been doing online, the websites that you have visited, the music that you have listened to or the movies that you have watched. It will not be hard for all these people to use some software or dig out the required information manually from your PC.

To protect your online browsing habits from falling into the wrong hands or to prevent your privacy from being compromised, you should clear computer history. If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can view your browsing history by selecting “Tools” menu followed by choosing the tab marked “Internet Options”. Next, click the button labeled “Settings” and click the “View Files” button after that.

Web surfers using Microsoft Internet Explorer can clear computer history by following these steps:

  • IE 6 and 7 users can delete their history files by choosing the “Tools” menu, “Internet Options”, and then selecting the “Delete” or “Delete Files” button. Web surfers can also click the “Advanced” tab, go to the “Security” section and check the tab marked “Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed” to erase their computer history.
  • Web surfers using IE 4 on an Apple Macintosh can clear computer history by clicking these tabs in succession-”Hard Drive” icon, “System”, ”Preferences” and “Explorer”. Finally, they should move the history file into the trash folder.
  • Web surfers using IE 3 can delete their browsing history by selecting the “View” menu, going to “Options” from there, open the tab marked “Advanced”, click the “Settings” tab, and then finally select the “Empty Folder” button.


Mozilla Firefox users can clear computer history by clicking in succession the following: “Tools” menu, “Options” tab, the “Privacy” button, and then click the “Clear Now” or “Clear” button listed under “History” tab. Alternatively, these users can also press three keys marked Ctrl, Shift and Delete so that the Clear Data Window opens. From there, they can check the relevant boxes to clear some specific browsing history or delete the saved Internet history totally.

For Netscape users, history files can be deleted by clicking the menu marked “Edit” and then selecting “Preferences”, “History”, and finally clicking the “Clear History” button.

Opera users can clear computer history by clicking the “File” menu at first and then selecting “Preferences” and “History” in succession. After that, the button marked “Empty now” should be clicked. In addition to this, Opera users can also check “Empty on exit” if they want their browsing history to be deleted every time they exit their browser.


Lesson08.Delete Browser History And Cookies

Erase Browser Catch History

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Is there more than one way to check the history of a PC?

I think my 15 years. old nephew for porn sites – but Tonight I realized it runs IE history and delete things. Is there another way to check the history (Internet) If you have already removed some from the IE browser (the icon of history)? He was caught in porn situated a few months ago – but Now he has learned about how to delete history. HELP!

I know it seems a lot easier to install a keylogger or a filter, but why? Why not sit down and talk to kids and tell him your comments and ask why this happens? I imagine how the wording questions that you already know what you do. What is to be performed by monitoring sites that have access? It seems might be more advantageous for him and He could talk …

How-To Delete All Your Internet Browser Tracks (History, Cookies, Cache, DNS Cache, Form Data)

Erase Windows Cookies History

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I removed to see the story of my team last week in February.?

I think someone looked porn on my computer and deleted history / cookies / temp files Int and everything, therefore there was no story the next day when I got up. I was told that I can know what they saw anyway. Someone tell me how. 'm Using Windows Vista.

Computer Viruses & Security : How to Delete Tracking Cookies in Windows XP

Erase Windows Cookies History

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How do I look up “cookies”-things searched on internet?

How to look up all things searched on my computer I think its called “cookies” that were erased from the browsing history on the internet? I have a Acer Windows Vista computer don’t know if that matters or not. Please be as detailed as possible. Thanks!
Within the computer like the documents

If it has been erased, then there is a very slim chance of being able to get them and find out. Its also not in plain english about what was searched, if you were to open a cookie. If you want to see what was serached at, google, for example, goto google and type in the search box ‘a’ and see what pops up as recently searched, then ‘b’ then ‘c’ and so on.

Microsoft Windows : How to Delete Cookies in Internet Explorer

Erase Browser Cookies History

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Is it possible to remove all the research on the computer?

I know how to delete cookies and browser history but research age occur constantly in the text of several boxes of search engines and websites and my nerves

Tools> Internet Options> Remove Navigation> History Delete all. I also recommend CCleaner. CCleaner is free and removes all traces of your online activities.

How do i delete my web browser history and cookies?

Erase Windows Toolbar History

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I have a Google toolbar?

Well, that’s not the problem. The problem is that when I try to type something in, the history drops down and I accidently stretched it out and now I don’t see the end of it. So I can’t erase my history once I have too much stuff and I don’t want to keep seeing this huge list. How can I make the history go back to it’s usual size? I tried getting rid of the Google toolbar and then bringing it back and it didn’t work. I closed the whole window and opened it back up and no luck. I’m out of ideas. It’s just really annoying to see the history take up the whole window. Help?

I think you go into settings> options >search box settings then unclick the two boxes saying: Seach from most popular searchs and search from my search history

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