Reasons to Delete Computer History

June 2, 2009 by admin · Leave a Comment 

Deleting Computer History is one of the many steps that have to be taken by computer users to make sure their data does not reach the wrong hands. The data available on a computer can be incriminating evidence against a person in a court of law, many people have suffered the consequences of not deleting their computer history data soon enough and getting caught in things that they have no association with, many a times a computer can be hacked and used by the people around you without your knowledge, and in these circumstances, if you fail to delete the data accessed by them in that session, you could be held responsible for the data on that computer. It is not only the Internet files and history that is of importance to delete but also the files stored in the “index.dat” file on a windows machine, this is because, the “index.dat” file stores the information about all the files and directories you accessed and also the information about the different programs that you executed on your computer.

Unfortunately, many people postpone and relax when it comes to deleting personal history on their computer. Leaving traces of private data on your computer without proper protection and care can sometimes cause huge damages, we have time and again seen many big banking frauds occur due to the negligence of the computer users, the past documents accessed by you can give a lot more information that you imagined is possible. The computer history has to be cleared regularly to avoid the hiccups in computer software and thus stay safe from intruders and people who are after the digital data you possess.

If you are using a computer that is shared or public, it becomes paramount that you delete the history every time you finish a session, this gives you complete immunity to data theft and also ensures that your data remains yours. Hidden files are another area that has to be rectified carefully, the hidden files are not hidden from everything, for instance, it takes about a few clicks to view all the hidden files in a windows machine, thus compromising your security and privacy to a large extent.

The best way to maintain proper security in your own computer is to regularly delete computer history stored in it, you can either do it manually or use software that can do the job for you. Since your computer maintains an index of everything you do on the computer, it is prudent that you delete this “virtual diary” that has propped up without your permission. Your footprints can land you in trouble even if you have not been doing anything illegal, the world of computers is complex and thus there are lots of things that can be considered illegal that could very well sound more than legal. Therefore, the safest bet is to regularly clean all the computer’s private and personal history.

Most of us do not do anything immoral or illegal with the use of the computer, but it does not mean we have to compromise on security and privacy, everyone has got the right to defend his/her information. It is of great value to delete all computer history when ever possible.