Erase Windows Internet Tracks History

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erase windows internet tracks history
Delete internet history at school?

Is there a way to manually do it or a program that doesn’t have to be installed that can erase my tracks?

p.s. Through a small loophole in the system I can get into the computers C: drive and access the windows folder. =)

Chances are, your school computers are connected to a server you can’t get to without Administrator privileges. Your browsing history is probably on the server. Hope you haven’t been visiting porn sites.

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Erase Windows 7 History History

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erase windows 7 history history
Help clear your search history …?

I know how to erase history, but any time I type in a search bar that brings previous research, how can I remove (delete all) and there is a way of keeping my rescue equipment? if it matters I have Windows 7, a Toshiba laptop and use Google Chrome i.

This is part of the functionality of AutoComplete in Internet Explorer, go Options on the Tools menu / Internet / Content / AutoComplete / Settings There you can set options for forms and passwords. In Firefox: Forms: Go to Tools / Options / Privacy – Select "Use custom settings for the story" – check or uncheck "Remember your search history and form" Passwords: go to Tools / Options / Security / Passwords can also delete entries in the form by double-clicking on an empty, scroll down to the first point, then press DELETE to each entry. ₪ ₪ ʎəɿʞɹɐq

How to Delete Your Internet History:Windows 7 or Vista