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MSN Messenger Problems?

I had Windows Live Messenger and it was working fine. Then the other day my whole computer froze when I tried to log in with the WLM. So I want to reinstall WLM but everytime I do it doesn’t work. It comes up with ERROR and shit. Does anyone know how I can erase all MSN files and get a trustworthy site to get WLM from?

I went to similar circumstances a couple of weeks ago. It seems as if Windows has a new Live app and it HAS to be installed before any updates or additions can be made to the older one. In affect, this means you have to update to the newer Windows Live, because not even the MSN automatic updates are going to load in the older one.

You must have missed the e-mail somehow. Just go back to MSN and go to their download page, or search for the newer download, that will solve your problem.

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Erase Msn Web Data

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Erase Msn Internet Data

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Erase Msn Toolbar Files

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