Erase Yahoo Browser Data

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Google I/O 2009 – Even Faster Websites

Erase Yahoo Url Data

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How To Remove Epoxy Paint ( 2006 Ford GT-40 Ferrari Killer )

Erase Yahoo Search Files

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erase yahoo search files
Why have all the already transferred files in a 100-file-transfer been erased after an error, in yahoo.mess?

I was receiving a batch of pictures as a file transfer in yahoo messenger when a file transfer error occurred at the 44th picture. I was able to check out the pics as they came in, but after this error everything that had been downloaded so far was gone! I even searched for the files in hidden system folders – they were not there :(

Yahoo and Microsoft are merging their Search Engines. Yahoo is finishing up its new Home Page. The result has been turmoil for many Yahoo users. Approximately 10% of users are experiencing severe disruptions. Here are the main problems being reported:
*The Mail or Messenger button has disappeared.
*The Mail or Messenger button exists but clicking on it does nothing.
*Clicking on the Mail or Messenger button produces a blank screen.
*The SEND , REPLY, and FORWARD buttons are not working.
*Attachments (including photos) are not working.
*Error Messages are appearing. Error 999, Error 15, Error 8, Error 502. A good Error message explains what is happening. These messages only confuse you more. Don’t bother to reply to them. You get an auto-generated reply saying you have a problem with your Server. You don’t have a problem with your Server.
*A warning tells you that your ID and password are “invalid”. That is causing many users to panic. THey think their account has been hacked; or that they have a virus. They have not been hacked. No virus, either.
*You are asked for your “Security Question”. When you correctly enter it, you are asked for it again. And again.
*Fonts are shrunk so small that you need a microscope to read your email. Users think they have accidently hit a button that caused the change. They didn’t.
*Fonts turn giant. The words continue off the screen.
*Verified emails are not arriving. Friends have called to notify you that the email was sent. It does not appear.
*Friends are not receiving email from your account.
*You receive an alert that you have a new email. But the inbox is empty.
*The wrong name is appearing in the TO and/or FROM lines of your emails. This also causes panic about “hackers”.
*Emails are disappearing after they are READ or SENT.
*Mail Search is not working.
*You send out an email and get a “Mailer Daemon” or “Delivery Failure Notification”. But you don’t know why.
*Mail and Messenger won’t work on your PDA.
*Warning messages that you are logged-in on another “device” but you don’t own another device. You are only logged-in once.
*The date/time stamp is wrong.
*Your browser crashes when Mail or Messenger is used.
*Some accounts were “deactivated” by mistake. Yahoo apologized later, but it caused panic when users received notice that their entire account had been closed. With no warning.
*Users of premium services were told that their credit or debit card had expired and their accounts would be closed. The cards were not expired and it caused a lot of panic.
*Some users had their entire Address List disappear.
*Entire folders of email were emptied with no warning. One day they were full. Next day they were empty.
*Messenger users are told “Your time has run out” with no warning.
*There are endless “loading”messages whenever you hit an on-screen button.
*Websites like Craigslist tell you “You can not click on this link because your email account is not active”. But you do have an active account.
*Some users can not “cut and paste”.
*Some users are asked for their cell phone number to access their account. Over and over.
*Messenger users can not add their friends to IM.
*Messenger tells you that you are “offline” when you know that you are “online”.

These same problems happened in July and November, 2008. Each time the problems lasted 4 weeks. No user had the same problems for the entire 4 weeks. THe problems rotated around. Each day was an adventure. One day was fine; next day nothing worked. The vast majority of users had no problems. They couldn’t understand what the fuss was about.

This is a bad time to download or install any Yahoo programs. They are installing 99% , then freezing. Or they install 100% but won’t open. Be hesitant to download until Yahoo is done with the work.

The Yahoo Help Desk is swamped. Last week they said that the problems would be fixed “soon”. Later they told users that the problem might be in the user’s computer or browser or cell phone. Currently they say “Our engineers are aware of the problem. They are working on it.”

The smartest thing you can do is to monitor the Y!A category Yahoo Products>Yahoo Mail and >Yahoo Messenger. That will keep you up-to-date on what’s happening. Everyone is trying to find “workarounds” altho none of them work every time for everyone.

Click on FORUM at the left side of any Yahoo!Answers page. Look for the post “Problems going on with Mail”. It has recently filled up with gripes but it still has many of the existing “workarounds”

This will all be fixed.

They will re-appear later when Yahoo is done working.

Malware Alert: Desktop Defender 2010 + How to Remove It

Erase Yahoo Web Browser Files

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Privacy Protection Software Utilities

Did you know that all your internet history can be reviewed by anyone with access to simple free tool available online. The internet brings with it many advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is that you can do lots of work sitting in the comfort of your home, without having to roam from office to office. Insurance, finance, purchase of products, pursuing an education, playing at casinos and many other things can be done at home with the help of the internet. However though there are many advantages, the internet poses numerous disadvantages too.

The main disadvantage of the internet is that the sites that you visit while browsing through the internet tend to get downloaded in secret files of the computer. With this, without your actually knowing about it, you may have some illicit images and information stored in the computer. Unauthorized people may gain access to information not meant for their eyes.

There is a remedy for this problem; make it a point to download some software in the computer where your privacy, job, family and business are protected. With the help of this internet eraser software in the computer, you can be sure that unwanted images and information does not get recorded or stored in the computer. In addition to all this, the internet eraser software helps delete unwanted files permanently with the help of its shredder feature. The reason the files get shredded with this internet eraser software is that it is not enough just deleting files. There are numerous tools in the internet which can retrieve deleted files.

This internet eraser software also helps you clear your search history for Google and Yahoo toolbar search history. It also helps clear the browser search bar history. With this, sites which had been visited will not be accessible to others. One of the advantages of the internet eraser software is that it is password protected. With this password protection, it is only you who have the power to access the internet eraser software, and use all its features.

If you want added privacy while using the computer, the internet eraser software permits you to close or hide your Internet Explorer windows quickly with the use of its two hot keys. There are some files that are stored secretly in the computer, which prove to be difficult to delete manually. With the help of the internet eraser software, it is possible to erase the search and run history of the computer.

When surfing the internet, all the URLs that you visit are stored in a cache folder. So when you want to erase this cache folder from the computer, it can be done easily through the internet eraser software. Many people tend to clear history of the tracks of the sites visited clearing the browser history. However, while doing so, the files get hidden, and can be deleted only by using internet eraser software. The internet eraser software can erase all encrypted information found in the computer through internet surfing.

Make an Advanced WebBrowser with Visual Basic 2008 Part 1

Erase Yahoo Search Data

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erase yahoo search data
This has been asked numerous times, and never answered correctly.?

I use Mozilla Firefox. The search history in the search bar to the right of Yahoo and to the left of web search can not be erased.

The answer always given does not work. It is go to tools, options, always clear private data. That only clears the search bar at the top of the page, not the one described.

This question is constantly asked and I have never seen an answer that solves it.

You may looking for something simpler than searching on your own, but you might try this site.

HACKER’S BLACK BOOK 2008 (tips & tricks)

Erase Yahoo Browser Files

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Erase Google Url Files

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erase google url files

How to Enhance your Web Site With Header Graphics

So you’re making your own web site. You’ve been working on it for a while, you have some good content, but something is still missing… cool graphics! Let’s face it: a web site without nice graphics is like a TV show without color. It’s boring and drab and won’t look very visually appealing. You want your site to catch people’s attention and make them say, “Hmm, this looks interesting, I think I’ll check it out”. One of the best ways to do this is to have a good header graphic at the top of the page.

What is a Header Graphic?

A header graphic is an image consisting of three parts: a background, a title, and a sub-heading. For example, let’s say you are building a web site about dogs. Your background might be a scenic view of a city park with a few dogs running around having a good time. Your title might be: “Dog Lovers Paradise”. For a sub-heading, you could either use the URL of your main web site ( or a line of descriptive text saying what your site is about: “all the info you need to be a good dog owner”, “buy discount dog food here”, “how to take care of your dog”, etc. If you are running on online business, you could put your business slogan here.

How do I get Header Graphics?

There are 3 main ways to get header graphics, depending on how much time and money you have available:

1. The expensive way – hire a professional graphic designer to make them for you

2. The cheap way – buy a customizable set of pre-made graphics from the Internet

3. The free way – make them yourself!

Option #1 may be great for big corporations that have a lot of money, but it’s not so practical for small businesses or individuals who make web pages as a hobby. Sure, you might be able to hire a freelance graphic designer who will charge $50 per graphic or something like that, but even that’s a lot of money for most people.

When I design web sites, I prefer option #2. This is a great balance between time and money. It’s easy to find header graphics packages that cost a lot less than hiring a professional. Such packages typically provide a number of different generic backgrounds and styles so you can pick one that fits the topic of your site. Graphics are given to you in a format that makes it easy to edit the individual elements of the image, such as the popular Adobe Photoshop .psd format.

In a .psd file, image elements are organized in layers that can be turned on and off, or changed as you see fit. So you could pick a header graphic that you like, change the title and sub-heading to be whatever you want, and then save the new image as a .jpg file for your web page and you’re done! It’s that easy! You can have a nice, professional looking header for your web site in as little as 2 or 3 minutes! All you have to do is spend a little bit of time and money finding a good graphics package to use.

If you have a little more time and want to make something truly original, then you can go with option #3: do it yourself. Making your own header graphics can take a lot of time, but the rewards are well worth it. If you are good at it, you could even go into business for yourself as a freelance graphic designer or make your own graphics package to sell!

How do I Make My Own Header Graphics?

First, you’ll need some good image editing software. I prefer Adobe Photoshop, but it’s kind of expensive. If you want free software, I suggest using Gimp, which can be downloaded from here:

You need to download and install both the “Gimp” and “GTK+2″ packages to get Gimp working. I also recommend that you download the optional help files and animation packages. If you do a search for Gimp on Google, you’ll be able to find plenty of tutorials on how to use the program. But I like Photoshop, so for the sake of this article I will be talking only about Photoshop.

After you’ve got image editing software, you need to find a good background for your header. I find that the best backgrounds are scenic landscapes: mountain views, beaches, parks, cityscapes, urban vistas, forests, lakes, etc. To avoid copyright issues, you should grab a digital camera, go out and take a picture yourself from someplace near your house. Going back to my earlier example about a “Dog Lovers Paradise” web site, you might visit a city park and take a picture of some dogs running around the park.

Now put the background photo into Photoshop and crop the image (select the part of it that you want to use for your header graphic, and cut away the rest of the picture). I recommend using a rectangular 700×125 pixel chunk. Be sure to include a bit of open space that you can put your title and sub-heading on.

Many effective header graphics include pictures of people, animals, vehicles, or other objects in the right or left side of the graphic (obviously you should use something that is related to the topic of your web site). You can get people pictures by surfing the Internet for clip-art collections, or by taking photos of your friends and family. So let’s say you want your lovable pet dog to appear on the right side of your “Dog Lovers Paradise” header. Follow these steps:

1. Take a picture of your dog and open it with Photoshop.

2. Resize the picture so it’s small enough to fit into your header.

3. Use Photoshop’s lasso tool to outline the dog and copy & paste it into your header as a new layer.

4. Use the move tool to position the dog where you want it.

5. Zoom in and use the eraser tool to get rid of any messy edges around the dog. You want the dog to blend into the background so it’s not obvious that you copied & pasted from another image. For your eraser settings, I recommend using brush mode with a 5-pixel diameter and opacity of 100%. These settings will give you a nice fuzziness around the edges.

The last step is to add your title and sub-heading text. Obviously the title should be larger than the sub-heading. You might also want to use different colors to differentiate the sub-heading from the title. Pick an empty area in the middle of your header for the title text. The sub-heading usually goes at the bottom below the title. I like to use Arial or Impact for the font. Impact makes a good impression for the title and Arial is good for the sub-heading.

Adding special effects to your text is a nice finishing touch. Right click on the name of the text layer and select Blending Options from the menu. You’ll have to experiment with the different styles to see what works best for you, but I recommend using a combination of Drop Shadow and Outer Glow. The Stroke style can also produce nice results.

And that’s it! You’re done! Don’t forget to save the final image as both a .psd file and a .jpg. You want the .psd so you can easily make changes if necessary. Here’s a summary of the steps to make your own header graphic:

1. Start with a background graphic.

2. Copy & paste clip-art (people, animals, etc.) onto the background.

3. Add title and sub-heading text.

4. Add special effects such as a Drop Shadow and/or Outer Glow.

5. Save as a .psd and .jpg file.

It sounds complicated but it’s really not that hard. Once you are familiar with the process, it should only take you 2 or 3 hours to make a professional looking header graphic from scratch!

Wow, this is Great! Now What?

You should put a header graphic on every major page of your site, especially your main home page. If you like making headers, you could consider going into business for yourself as a freelance graphic designer or start selling your headers and open on online store! Even if you’re just making a personal home page as a hobby, you’ll be able to impress all your friends and make them say, “ooohh, look at that!”

Regardless of whether you choose the do-it-yourself approach or decide to be lazy and use customizable pre-made graphics, you can have really nice professional header graphics for your web site with very little time and effort, at very little or no cost. Header graphics will make your site look more attractive and will entice more people to read your content. And that’s never a bad thing!

Have fun building your web site, and you can always contact me if you have any questions or need help with something related to this article. Good luck!


Erase Windows Browser Bar Data

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Torchlight Executable error fix

Erase Yahoo Web Browser Data

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R&C Size Matters Extended Name Hack Tutorial

Erase Yahoo Browser Bar Files

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Rolepi HV Trojan imposibble to erase and problems updating anti-spy?

Hi there
I have 2 problems:
Every time I run the anti-spy supported by my yahoo tool bar, it founds a trojan named “Rolepi HV”, then I take action and remove it. Every things sounds good till I run a new scan at least two times, then it founds over and over this trojan. How can I remove it? I’ve been having problems with the speed of my browser, either Mozilla or Explorer.
The other problem comes when I try to update this anti-spy. It stops the process and says “cheksum of downloaded file is incorrect” . What do they mean with this?
Many thanks

A Trojan virus is faulty computer program that can infect remote computers by changing the desktop or deleting important files. Generally called a Trojan Horse, it appears as a legitimate file or software from a trusted source, therefore tricking users into opening it or downloading it. Take action and protect your personal computer files by learning to delete this Trojan virus.
Here is more infomation and removal guide:

iCurtain – The best browser for iPad!

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