Erase Yahoo Internet History

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How Do I Keep My Internet History?

Every time I close, or turn off my computer, my internet browsing history is deleted, except for the main sites, like Google, Yahoo, and DeviantArt.

Is there a way to keep the internet history?
I have the History Settings set to 151 days before it gets erased, but it doesn’t help.

A few people have asked this question. Here is the site:

Also, maybe try opening your history, copy it, and save it in a word program the when you need it copy it to the address bar when you are online.

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Erase Windows Search History

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erase windows search history
how do I erase the promting history of searches in my search window for google and yahoo?

on the desktop right click on internet explorer, then go to properties, then click the tabs that say delete cookies, delete files, then the clear history and u should be all set

How To: delete your history and clear search bar

Erase Msn Internet History

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Cannot erase Google search history. Have tried all previous suggestions with no luck!?

I have MSN and through reading other posts tried deleting all my history and changing my preferences in Internet Explorer but it did not cross over into my MSN account. It worked for Internet Explorer but we use the MSN and it still will not delete the history of our Google searches. We do not have the search bar, it’s just on the website. Any other ideas would be appreciated! Thank you!
Please read my full post. I’m getting the same answers that were on the other posts and I’ve tried them. Please give information that might help even though those other things have not worked. Thank you!

If those other suggestions aren’t working, then you might not be describing your problem correctly, or at least not describing it enough.

For example, there are at least four places where *something* might be retaining your information.

(1) When you go to the Google home page and type in the search bar in the middle of the page, history shows up.

(2) When you click in a search box that is part of your browser and start typing, history shows up.

(3) When you start typing a URL in the address box on the Navigation Toolbar (i.e., at the top of the browser), your URL history shows up.

(4) When you are asked to fill in form elements on a web page, such as username or comments, history shows up.

Some of these are filled in by the browser itself, some are filled in from the website (such as Google) using javascript.

The techniques you been told about should clear up many of these, although Google does have one additional point with respect to MSN accounts. See the second link below.

If following all these still doesn’t help, then posted another edit with more explicit information about which ‘history’ is still showing up and when.

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Erase Google Search History

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erase google search history
How to delete your search history on Google?

I hat how something every time I search in Google or Yahoo Search above shows! How to delete?

Very simple. Options to the top of the screen and click on Tools, then Internet " then "content", then "AutoComplete." Then uncheck all the boxes will not be shown and proven again. :)

How to delete Google search History

Erase Windows 7 History History

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erase windows 7 history history
Help clear your search history …?

I know how to erase history, but any time I type in a search bar that brings previous research, how can I remove (delete all) and there is a way of keeping my rescue equipment? if it matters I have Windows 7, a Toshiba laptop and use Google Chrome i.

This is part of the functionality of AutoComplete in Internet Explorer, go Options on the Tools menu / Internet / Content / AutoComplete / Settings There you can set options for forms and passwords. In Firefox: Forms: Go to Tools / Options / Privacy – Select "Use custom settings for the story" – check or uncheck "Remember your search history and form" Passwords: go to Tools / Options / Security / Passwords can also delete entries in the form by double-clicking on an empty, scroll down to the first point, then press DELETE to each entry. ₪ ₪ ʎəɿʞɹɐq

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