Erase Windows History

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erase windows history

Erasing Porn History From Hard Drive And Cache, Do It Yourself

Have you ever wondered how erase porn from your computer once and for all so it can never be detected on your computer again? If you have looked up porn on your computer, or you accidentally visited a porn site it will be recorded on your computer and there is not much that you can do to erase porn! A lot of people ask, how to erase porn from my computer hard drive. The big issue with that is that you can quite easily lose your family and your job over having illegal porn found on your computer hard drive.

Do you want to know how to erase porn from your computer once and for all? Well, luckily for you there actually is a way how to erase porn from your computer once and for all and this particular software is called Porn Terminator This software is guaranteed to erase porn from your computer forever and leave no trace of it to be found on your computer! This software is compatible with any computer, whether its windows vista, xp or any other earlier versions and will even work on MAC’s.

This porn erasing software is highly recommended amongst respected IT specialists and i highly recommend it if you are trying to erase porn once and for all from your computer! All it takes is to download the software, fire it up and it will find and remove all porn on your computer, no porn will get left behind! This software is guaranteed to help you erase all porn from your hard drive fast and easy and it the porn history will never be traced to you! So you can go on as many porn sites as you like and use this software to erase all porn evidence off your hard drive!

This Is What It Does When You Use It…

This Software Erases:

  • All Your Cache
  • All Index .dat Files That You Can Not Clear Yourself
  • All Your Saved Browsing History
  • Temoporary Internet Files
  • All Cokies
  • All Other Files That Record Internet Activity

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This software will erase all traces of your internet use completely, even if a computer forensic examines your computer, there will be no porn traces and history found on your computer. All you need to do is download the software and run it every time you finish using internet explorer or firefox and you will be completely safe!

Download Porn Terminator Now Right Here!

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