Erase Windows Xp Cookies History

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History Store, Internet cache, cookies, UserData records and other information on what you've done over the Internet or your PC. Although some Urlcache MMF Ver 4.7) – this file in particular, is Internet Explorer version 4 but the index.dat file format is very similar to Internet Explorer 5.x and 6.

How to erase or clean Index.dat files?
Erasing or cleaning of the index.dat files is not a task one by one (look in files listed above.) However, if you use Windows XP, Windows 2000 or Windows NT does not work.
Millet is the best because it destroys the whole structure of index.dat file that can cause Internet Explorer or Windows to crash but instead cleans and shreds only threatens the privacy of URLs, or files REDR leak.
additional advantage is the ability to keep track of some sites you choose (selective cleaning), which makes your browsing more comfortable and more
BleachBit free disk space and privacy cleaner version 0.5.3 on Windows

Erase Windows Xp History History

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How to erase porn history from your computer?

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How to delete browsing history

Erase Firefox Cookies History

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Removing recent documents and the history of Firefox?

How to delete the folder "My Recent Documents" in the Start menu on your computer and delete the entire Firefox history of sites visited by the team completely. ' … I know that I go to Tools, Clear Private Data and check the browser history, cache, cookies and authenticated sessions, but …. I know it is still visible in some way and I'm looking quite clear. Please help … I appreciate it;) (And not for immature people respond .. I was not watching porn or something like that). .. My funding is a genius computers, knows that I'm looking for a birthday gift for him, and he is bound and determined to find what it is haha. Thank you for your time.

Friend, The only thing to do is go to tools and delete private data in Firefox, or you can configure Firefox not to keep all cookies or stored data. Thus, when the browser is closed, everything is erased. You'll have to go to tools and options everything. To remove the material in recent documents right click on the file and say delete. It is something you should also delete the temporary folder and delete all files from its container recycling. In addition, there is no way he can know what you have done.

Delete Firefox 3.5 History, Cache, Cookies and Saved Passwords, How-To Guide