Erase Msn Chat History History

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can somebody tell me how can I erase chatting history on aim an/or msn on your PC?

I also need help with the following:
1) how to detect whether if I have viruses or not
2) If I do have viruses, how can I erase or get rid of the viruses.
3) how can I update my Norton Anti-virus to the newest version.

Much Appreciated.

Norton isn’t the best choice for antivirus. Many tests have shown that it misses a significant number of detections. Still, Norton is better than nothing. You have to purchase the newest version of Norton, or an upgrade from an older version.

There are some good free antivirus options, like AVG, Avast, and Avira. There are also better paid options, like ESET and Kaspersky.

As for your chat history, there should be options within each to delete history. You can also use a free program called CCleaner, which can clean histories and other temporary files from your system.

Erase Google Computer Data

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erase google computer data
How can i recover files on a formatted hard drive ?

something was wrong with my windows vista gateway 32 bit laptop . i wouldnt startup and the only way to fix it was to re-install windows , and since i didnt have enough space the only way to re-intsall was to format my c: drive. now my computer is running again and i am trying to find a way to get my pictures music , itunes apps and everything back.

ive tried youtube but they are all either too complicated didnt work .

i tried google ( just the first page ) and got same results as youtube

right now i have EASEUS the full version but i think its too complicted.

if someone helps me with this you can have a many points as i can give out . plz help me. i cant sync my ipod because it will erase my data on my ipod so i need this fast.

It’s a retrieval program from the guys who made Ccleaner (if you know about computers, you MOST likely know about that program)

Just use that and check settings like “see 0 byte files” and “deep scan” It will take a long time with deep scan, but you might get a few files back.

With you reformatting it instead of checking if your boot loader was corrupted or something then you may have lost all of those files.

I might post a link to a video for you to better understand how a hard drive works.


just uploaded that, so not sure if it works for you yet or not.

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Erase Google Web Data

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erase google web data
Erasing All Data On My Computer?

Okay, I have a Sony Vaio computer and I want to delete everything I have ever typed in on Google, all the Web addresses, ect. I have reset my computer alot of times but nothing goes away. It takes up so much space and i want all of that history to just go away. How can I do this? Is it possible? Thanks.

There are two ways: 1. open up internet explorer, click on tools at the top right corner. then click internet options, follow on click delete, and lastly click delete all.
2. Double click on your google search bar. then, push your mouse pointer to what you have typed in. follow with a click of ‘delete’ on your keyboard.

Authors@Google: David Plouffe

Erase Google Internet Data

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erase google internet data

Recover Data Questions And Answers

More Recover Data questions please visit :

I enjoy an external 500 GB hardrive.. and it crashed is at hand any path I can recover my information?
Download a Linux Live CD. (Ubunto is right, so is Puppy.) Burn it to a CD. Boot next to the CD. You can use dd to clone the drive to another drive, or to an model. …

I enjoy an HP pavilion 6000 and i obligation to know how to breed a recovery disk?
at my school everyone is required to own a laptop! but to get it configured to the net all the students requirement to make recovery disks because the academy says they may wipe ur computer and possibly need the disk, anyway i lost…

I enjoy centralized PC surrounded by my company some one delete some files from that PC through see? how to recover it?
If you are looking for it in a recycle bin somewhere, it isn’t there. sorry. if you enjoy backups on this centralized PC, and I hope you do, you will enjoy to restore from your last…

I enjoy delete /bin/mount wallet within Linux how can i recover this profile?
download tune up utilities and use tune up undelete that will definitely work Why did you do that? Reinstall! We don’t usually run as ROOT, so, we won’t delete the system! LOL! But, couldn’t you boot from a LiveCDrom, and copy the config…

I enjoy delete directory from a folder and after copied a folder beside same report first name contained by that folder. how to recover?
i have delete file(faplus.mdb, 46MB) from a folder(d:nextage) and then copied a profile with same wallet name(faplus.mdb, 6.5MB) in that folder(d:nextage). I tried diverse data recovery software but i could not draw from the old database…

I enjoy delete the medium file(video) n i dont want any1 to c it through any recovery software wht shud i do?
is there any place where on earth file is stored after deletion so that i may remove it from here What you need is a free space blanker or free space wiper. This will be in motion…

I enjoy formatted my knotty drive and lost my photos, next recovered it using recovery software but cannot clear?
You obviously didn’t really recover them. Sometimes Recovery will mess up your HDD, especially after reformatting but for properly done. You can buy a new unyielding drive for a good deal at Best Buy I rewarded $125.00 whereas on-line they wanted…

I enjoy get a laptop that i cant find the recovery disk for please assistance?
it is a packard bell pc and i want to put the rudimentary windows wager on on to it what can i do (download anything from the internet or anything?) if u go to the microsoft website and hunt in downloads for boot discs, u…

I enjoy Hp Pavilion 544n, I stipulation assist access recovery files on disk D after I formatted dsik C, Please help out?
I DON’T HAVE RECOVERY CDS. REOVERY FILES ON D: INACCESSIBLE AFTER FORMATTING C: AND INSTALLING WIN. XP PROFFESSIONAL. It’s too late presently. Besides, you have XP pro installed, why do you want the recovery (D drive)? ….

I enjoy lost my background while formating ,i am using vista,can any 1 detail me the describe of software to recover background?
just downlaod notebook tune up best program for speeding ur computer and also recovers ur lost data to download try searing contained by google Re-formatting removes EVERY trace of the markers fro where on earth data be stored….

I enjoy n73-1 nokia..i want to recover the information from memory be precise i enjoy delete adjectives types of files?
i want to know that is nearby any software to recover all the notes that i have delete from memory card..plz tell soon You can try to recover facts with Easy File Undelete: It uses novel modern algorithms…

I enjoy only done system recovery how do i recover files save into older disk structure?
There are several disk utilities at and certain files may be retrievable but no promises. I am resurecting a friends files at the moment using “Recover My Files” (you hold to pay for this one) which seem a very user friendly utility…

I enjoy problem creating recovery disk from my compaq presario cq40-130tu data book?
the operating system is windows vista home adjectives. i manage to write files to dvd but the disc endorsement failed. the message is soundtrack failure. It might be the “DVD Burner” within your laptop just is not up to the favour of burning DVDs, the first time…

I enjoy protect my exele profile near passworld but not i hold forgot my passworld consequently how to recover my information?
Whoa, that’s a very bleak thing you did within… There is no way you can recover the password conventionally if you use anything next to 2000 version of the software. (Keeping contained by mind you are using the Microsoft…

I enjoy sonic usb and sadly ,i delete my files, but i want the files , how can i recover adjectives files?
zack- gave the best answer please, appreciation a lot buddy! “> what’s up next to “zack- gave the best answer please, gratefulness a lot buddy!”?? I other heard that once is delete is gone. Just double…

I enjoy toshiba satellite a 100 series next to window xp pro recovery disk i freshly want to know?
how do i format c drive and install windows xp pro again. i already run my system from cd boot next it go for loading ramdisk afterwards it show press f6 for scsi or third party device. it did’t show any…

I enjoy Toshiba satellite a100 laptop i want to re install the window from recovery disk but it is out of action
i insert the cd into dvd drive then boot my system from dvd drive by pressing f12 them within load knock against disk after it show the message press f6 to install scsi or third party device later…

I enjoy used the recovery disk but the mouse will not respond.What can I do?
I have inserted the recovery disk contained by my packard bell ME computer as it is blocked. It has read the disc but within order to proceed I have need of to press OK but it will not read the mouse. (I have tried 2…

I entail abet w/ a corrupt registry-I own a window xp recovery disk but enjoy never used it?
It started several months ago, my system 32 files pop up (a) startup-so I ran a free scan of my registry and it shows over a thousand errors-the free downloads one and only fix a few of them in the trial version-I…

I entail assistance recovering facts on my sturdy drive?
When I was at my aunts house my laptop froze. I tried to restart it but it say something like “Cannot read OS” or something close to that. So i had a OS installation disc with me and i installed it. I didnt wipe the rock-hard drive… I put the OS…

I entail software. 1.Anti-spy 2. File recovery(Free ware) Name 2 suitable software beside the site.? Go to this site: categories.aspx?cat=Security for links to honourable, free, security programs. Programs to recover information: File Scavenger, $40, GetDataBack, $69, File-Rescue Plus, $40, Here are two free programs that promise to recover deleted files. PC Inspector…

I entail to recover facts from my tricky drive?
Can anyone help i obligation to recover the data as i formatted the wrong drive and lost adjectives my kids photos and school video is the any software i can download that might get some save of it back?? Please relief….! There is a way. I used a program call…

I entail to recover facts, my sytem get crashed and partion be delete, i have 5 partiton later and 3 fence no?
i want to know can i retreive my data, after reformat please suggest me a angelic one, ive tried power data recovery but it doesn’t show my information, try badcopy pro. the same piece happened next to…

I entail to run a system recovery on my Dell computer and I immediately longer enjoy the XP disks. Can I use the C:?
My computer has restore on the partitan and I lately need to know how to obtain to it to run run the restore or recovery program. I don’t even know how to enter a…

I erased cd-rw by mistake, anyway to recover information?
Sorry, there isn’t a process to recover your data from the CD-RW. It may be possible to recover the notes left on your frozen drive if you burnt the disk from your own computer. Check next to data recovery experts on how to do that. There are some softwares (eg:Data…

I forgot administrator password how to recover my notes?
I have IBM Thinkpad R52, some of the .exe files be corrupted when I restore my system into previous restoration point, and I tried to recover by using IBM Access (blue) button then I press F11 to recover my facts, but for that method system needs Administrator’s password, but I forgot…

I forgot engender a recovery disk.. immediately my laptop get virus. i wanna format it. where on earth can i find the recovery disk?
if it doesn’t go near an installer, there is no point you can hold one. however, if you know when you acquire the virus, you can just use the system restore here’s how To access the…

I forgot to backup my doc. files back runing disk recovery surrounded by my HP Pavillion dv600. What do i do?
no worries go to n furrow for easy recovery software download n install it n later run it there it will ask format recovery delete recovery n som other preference but first of all check…

How to clear all your internet history on google chrome

Erase Google Internet History

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erase google internet history
I dont want to erase my browsing history ,I want to erase the actual SEARCH ENGINE RESULTS, IE?

IE: i go to and i enter my name in the search engine and then i hit “search” then search results pop up and infomation appears in the search regarding my name, how do i erase those off the internet?

You want to remove your name from search results in google?

Then you need to contact the people who maintain EACH of those websites, and have them edit the page to remove your name.

How to Clear Your History, Cache and Cookies in Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

Erase Google Computer History

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erase google computer history
How to erase search histor on the computer.?

I have a hp computer with vista and I want to know how to erase the serach history on my computer on my search engine (google) and in the space where you put the web-site adress. Could anyone plz give me the step by steps on how to proceed? Thanks.
Thanks to you both. Go8p, what you’ve put helped me erase the immediate history and Turtle, you’ve helped me for the long term! I want to give you both 10pts! I’ll wait one more day so people can vote on who has the best answer. If it’s still a draw….I guess I’ll just have to flip a coin! :)

You need to erase the internet cache.
If you are using firefox then: Tools -> Clear Private Data -> (check all items) -> Clear Private Data Now
IE: Tools -> Internet Options -> Delete Files | Cookies | Clear History

You could also do a clean wipe of everything by using ccleaner (its free). Download link below.

How to look and delete web browsing history

Erase Msn Internet History

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Cannot erase Google search history. Have tried all previous suggestions with no luck!?

I have MSN and through reading other posts tried deleting all my history and changing my preferences in Internet Explorer but it did not cross over into my MSN account. It worked for Internet Explorer but we use the MSN and it still will not delete the history of our Google searches. We do not have the search bar, it’s just on the website. Any other ideas would be appreciated! Thank you!
Please read my full post. I’m getting the same answers that were on the other posts and I’ve tried them. Please give information that might help even though those other things have not worked. Thank you!

If those other suggestions aren’t working, then you might not be describing your problem correctly, or at least not describing it enough.

For example, there are at least four places where *something* might be retaining your information.

(1) When you go to the Google home page and type in the search bar in the middle of the page, history shows up.

(2) When you click in a search box that is part of your browser and start typing, history shows up.

(3) When you start typing a URL in the address box on the Navigation Toolbar (i.e., at the top of the browser), your URL history shows up.

(4) When you are asked to fill in form elements on a web page, such as username or comments, history shows up.

Some of these are filled in by the browser itself, some are filled in from the website (such as Google) using javascript.

The techniques you been told about should clear up many of these, although Google does have one additional point with respect to MSN accounts. See the second link below.

If following all these still doesn’t help, then posted another edit with more explicit information about which ‘history’ is still showing up and when.

How to set up the internet on iPhone clones (i68, i9, sciphone, etc) with AT&T service

Erase Google Web History

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erase google web history

Erase History of Websites Visited

If you want to maintain your privacy that’s related to your Internet browsing habits, you should erase history of websites visited from the browser that you have used for web surfing. Erasing your Internet browser history becomes all the more important when you are using a shared computer. This is because not erasing history of websites visited will help others to know and keep an eye on what you are doing in the online world. So, in order to wipe off your personal information or passwords that are saved in that particular browser by mistake, you should erase history of websites visited.

Though the fundamental steps to erase such history are identical, there can be minor variations from browser to browser. Many people consider Firefox to be the best web browser that offers the most useful answer to erase history of websites visited and guard your Internet privacy.

To erase your Internet browsing history while using Firefox, follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Tools†and notice the drop down box.
  2. Select the option of “Clear Private Data†which will either erase or delete all your private facts as well as passwords from the computer.
  3. If any “extensions†and “toolbars†that are offered by a third-party are installed like the Google toolbar, Yahoo search bar etc, remove them one by one or else your browsing history will be stored by them.

If you want to go for Internet Explorer 7, you can erase history of websites visited by means of these methods:

  1. Click on “Toolsâ€, see a drop down box that opens and select “Internet Options†from there.
  2. When a box opens, search for the “General†tab; Click on it and next select the button that says “Delete†in browsing history.
  3. The “Delete Browsing History†window will open. After that, choose “Delete All†to do away with all traces of the history of websites that you have visited.
  4. You will need to give a final confirmation before the internet browsing history is deleted .
  5. You will find a box that reads: “Also Delete files and settings stored by add-ons.†Check it and then click on the “Yes†button.
  6. Last of all, click the OK button in “Internet Options†window.
  7. If your browser is set up with a few third-party “extensions” or “toolbars”, erase them independently as these third-party installations keep histories of you browsing habits. So, if you continue to have them installed, someone can have the opportunity to know about your Internet browser history even when you have completed all the other steps listed above.

To erase history of websites visited while using your AOL (America Online) browser, you can go with the following techniques:

  1. At the top fragment of the AOL window, find the “settings†button.
  2. Click on it and choose “preferences†next.
  3. Choose “toolbar and sounds” and then click on the button that says “clear history trail nowâ€. This will clear your Internet browsing history that was stored with AOL (America Online).

So, follow these steps to have a happy browsing experience without the fear of other people disturbing your privacy by knowing about your browsing habits.

How to Use an Internet Web Browser : How to View & Delete Browsing History on Safari

Erase Google Search Data

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erase google search data
Google’s new Android is divine, GoogleTV no sure thing
Google spent plenty of time over its two-day I/O developer conference displaying a new Android upgrade and the promise of Web TV that really works this time. Honest. And they had just enough time left over for a healthy dose of Apple bashing.
Private Search Engine and a great startpage ;)