Erase Windows Xp Cookies History

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History Store, Internet cache, cookies, UserData records and other information on what you've done over the Internet or your PC. Although some Urlcache MMF Ver 4.7) – this file in particular, is Internet Explorer version 4 but the index.dat file format is very similar to Internet Explorer 5.x and 6.

How to erase or clean Index.dat files?
Erasing or cleaning of the index.dat files is not a task one by one (look in files listed above.) However, if you use Windows XP, Windows 2000 or Windows NT does not work.
Millet is the best because it destroys the whole structure of index.dat file that can cause Internet Explorer or Windows to crash but instead cleans and shreds only threatens the privacy of URLs, or files REDR leak.
additional advantage is the ability to keep track of some sites you choose (selective cleaning), which makes your browsing more comfortable and more
BleachBit free disk space and privacy cleaner version 0.5.3 on Windows

Erase Google Cookies History

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I recently installed Google Desktop and people keep confidential information on shared computers, and have an interest in maintaining privacy. Windows stores a number of user activities in log files. These documents, or stories, can be removed from the Internet, cookies and search history. * Documents below. form data 2.) Clear Internet history, cookies, temporary files and saved. For users of Internet Explorer: * – In the Same Window Internet Explorer, select Delete Cookies. What to keep and delete. 3.) Delete history information stored in the registry: Open and save documents, the context and history of stroke research. Spybot Search & Destroy is a free tool that can be stored unsubscribe stories. Install Spybot. * Run Spybot and click Check for problems. a hex editor, such as PS Pad. Pro, or glass cleaner. * Set IE to automatically delete temporary files on close. The option is under the tab
How to delete cookies from the browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome

Erase Windows Computer History

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erase windows computer history
How do you see the what someone else was looking at on your computer after they just pushed delete history?

I have Windows Vista and Internet Explorer for my browser. I have someone that needs to know how to look at the sites her husband was looking at even though he just simply erased the history?

Please teach me so I can pass the info on.
I know its not gone for good. I just dont know how to find it using windows vista. I know someone said search for the index.dat file. But where do I search?

I used to use the search and just have it search any files accessed in the last few days. That way it would show me cookies that websites leave behind. You can go into the temporary internet files and see the cache that visited websites leave behind. Be careful to jump to conclusions though, because sometimes they leave stuff even if the site wasn’t actually visited. But it will give youan idea. My computer has never seen a porn site and if I go into my temporary internet file folder, I have no pornagraphic material or websites at all. I think you have to be on something like it before it leaves stuff behind, but it might not be exact. Play with it until you feel more confident about it.

Ctrl + Alt + Del: the history…

Erase Google Search History

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erase google search history
how can i erase my search history in yahoo and google search boxes?

im afraid my mom can see the websites i have visited

Ahhhh, so you’ve been where you shouldn’t have been huh?

Go to >Tools (top right of page)>Toolbars>History. Click history and it will bring up where you’ve been, put the cursor over top of the day/week you want to delete and right click, a small box will come up and you can select delete from there.

Clear Google Toolbar Search History

Erase Google Computer Data

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erase google computer data
How can i recover files on a formatted hard drive ?

something was wrong with my windows vista gateway 32 bit laptop . i wouldnt startup and the only way to fix it was to re-install windows , and since i didnt have enough space the only way to re-intsall was to format my c: drive. now my computer is running again and i am trying to find a way to get my pictures music , itunes apps and everything back.

ive tried youtube but they are all either too complicated didnt work .

i tried google ( just the first page ) and got same results as youtube

right now i have EASEUS the full version but i think its too complicted.

if someone helps me with this you can have a many points as i can give out . plz help me. i cant sync my ipod because it will erase my data on my ipod so i need this fast.

It’s a retrieval program from the guys who made Ccleaner (if you know about computers, you MOST likely know about that program)

Just use that and check settings like “see 0 byte files” and “deep scan” It will take a long time with deep scan, but you might get a few files back.

With you reformatting it instead of checking if your boot loader was corrupted or something then you may have lost all of those files.

I might post a link to a video for you to better understand how a hard drive works.


just uploaded that, so not sure if it works for you yet or not.

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Erase Firefox Toolbar History

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How to clear search history in Mozilla Firefox 2.2 …? The Google Toolbar always keep the search history?

Iam using ccleaner, but also the search history is not to remove …..

Clear Google search history to keep privacy

CCleaner (v2.19.900)

Erase Google Web Data

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erase google web data
Erasing All Data On My Computer?

Okay, I have a Sony Vaio computer and I want to delete everything I have ever typed in on Google, all the Web addresses, ect. I have reset my computer alot of times but nothing goes away. It takes up so much space and i want all of that history to just go away. How can I do this? Is it possible? Thanks.

There are two ways: 1. open up internet explorer, click on tools at the top right corner. then click internet options, follow on click delete, and lastly click delete all.
2. Double click on your google search bar. then, push your mouse pointer to what you have typed in. follow with a click of ‘delete’ on your keyboard.

Authors@Google: David Plouffe

Erase Windows Web History

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erase windows web history
How to change the colour of visited links on Google?

on windows 7
trying to change the colour of previously visited links on google but failing.
i have managed to change the links back to blue but at the cost of ‘ignoring colours specified on all web pages’ which is not convenient as the images seem to disapear and as the colours i have personally selected may correspond to googles’ fomat but not for any website consisting not of a white backround and blue links.
Is there any way i can erase the history of a specific link i have selected?

thanks in advance ryan

you can’t change google’s links.

How to optimize Internet Explorer 7 & 8

Erase Windows Internet Browser History

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erase windows internet browser history
how do i erase the history from my Yahoo browser?

how do i erase the history on my yahoo browser window. “internet options” then clear history does not work

if you’re using the sbc yahoo browser, go to Tools and Browser Options. You can clear the address history from there. Otherwise, if you’re using the internet explorer or firefox, try downloading CCleaner. It’s a great program that deletes the internet history, tracking cookies, and any other stuff you want to delete from your internet history.

How to Use Internet Explorer 7 : How to Clear Your Internet Browser History on Internet Explorer 7

Erase Windows History

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erase windows history

Erasing Porn History From Hard Drive And Cache, Do It Yourself

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Clear Recent Docs History in Windows Vista

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