Erase Windows Toolbar Files

September 15, 2009 by admin · Leave a Comment 

What can I do about this malware?

I recently upgraded to the new version of Mozilla (3) and suddenly the P2P_max toolbar came up again. I thought I’d got rid of that malware. I know I have it because my idiot sister used p2p software which I have now deleted.
I have Windows 2000 professional service pack 4
I’ve tried so many things, I’ve downloaded malwarebytes and done a full scan, but nothing came up.
I’ve deleted all temporary internet files, I’ve run Spybot. I’ve searched for the “Conduit” folder that the tbp2p.dll file is in and deleted it.
I’ve even run HijackThis and deleted the process with the tbp2p file in it. It no longer comes up on HijackThis now.
The p2p_max customized toolbar still comes up on the top right every time I’m on the internet! What can I do??
Please help me before I damage my computer trying to erase the damn thing!

first get another browser for as a spare do not make it your home page
second uninstal mozilla in remove programs, then download moz again & it will be fine.

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