The Top 5 Reason Why You Shoule Erase Your Internet History…

Don't Pay For Any Program That Claims To Erase Your History Until You See This

April 16, 2009 by admin 

When searching from popular search engines like Google, Yahoo or Live Search you would have surely noticed that the moment you click on text box to type something a list of ALL your past searches just pops up.

You may have just ignored it or sometimes simply glanced through it not giving it another thought not realizing how potentially dangerous it can prove to be.

Here are top five reasons why you must regularly Erase internet history

1) To Avoid Random Strangers From Seeing What You Search

Because our laptops or PCs are only with us most of the times we tend to think no one else accesses it. That is far from the truth. Our computers are sent out for servicing ever so often and office-workers will be all too familiar with calling tech support for technical issues. We can never completely monitor the activities of servicing personnel. Search box is only a click away for these random strangers to view what you search.

2) To Clean Records of Other People’s Searches on Your Computer

Almost all of us have the moment where we start to type something in the search box and it pops up a term that we supposedly searched but have no memory of searching. It could be very likely that that term was searched by your teenaged nephew who borrowed your laptop last week. And things that teenagers search are not always, well, “clean”. Do you want your co-workers (or even the tech support guys mentioned in #5 above) thinking that you searched such a thing?
Don’t take the fall for other people’s nasty searches on your computer, clear your search history instead.

3) To Avoid Embarrassing Situations

Picture this: you google up your ex one day, just out of curiosity; next day your partner opens Google and behold what comes up in the search history. Heart breaking and unnecessary. Similarly, you don’t want your boss finding out about your job searches, do you?

4) To Keep Nasty Viruses at Bay

Internet worms of all kinds are being written by malicious coders. Many of these worms are capable of copying your entire search history to their servers. While it is always recommended that you use security measures to keep such worms at bay, it is always a safer deal to not have search history in the first place then to risk such a breach of privacy.

5) Because Some Searches Are Meant to be Private

We are all humans and have our own personal needs, wants, curiosities and fantasies that we are not comfortable sharing with anyone. There are adults who still follow Disney cartoons, there are people with alternate sexualities, there are times when you are too drunk to know what you are searching. You have all the right to search whatever you want, but no one has any right to know it without your permission.
Exercise your right to privacy. Erase your search history.

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