What Types of Internet History Does Your PC Store?

Don't Pay For Any Program That Claims To Erase Your History Until You See This

April 16, 2009 by admin 

There are dozens of places and locations where the history of your internet activity is stored. In this article we try to give you an idea of this puzzling maze and show you the best ways to clear your internet history.

Form Data – For Search Terms, Frequently used form data, etc

A record of all the search terms that you use in popular search engines like Yahoo, Google, Windows Live Search, etc is stored in your browsers.  Also, commo information that you fill in online forms like your Name, Birth Date, Address, Credit card numbers, etc are stored by your internet browser. You can clear this by the “Clear Form Data” option in the Settings/Preferences/Internet Options menu (it could be either of these depending on which browser you use.)

Temporary Internet Files

The Temporary Internet Files folder in your Windows folder contains a record of internet websites that you visited. It is a good idea to delete the entire Temporary Internet Files folder.

History Folder

The “History Folder” in your Windows directory contains a detailed history of all the websites that you visit. This folder should be regularly deleted to ensure privacy and safety for you.

Clearing Cookies

Third party websites, including big name sites like Ebay and Yahoo insert cookies on your computer which track the websites that you visit. This information is then used by the websites to serve you ads, to sell you items, etc.

Always use the “Clear Cookies” option on your browser to remove these tracker cookies.
This was the easy part, unfortunately there are many more nasty “undeletable” things which are not so easy to remove. To cite a few:


This file records practically your every move on the internet. This includes websites you visit, search queries, etc and deleting the Temporary Internet Files or clearing Form Data does not mean that that data is cleared from INDEX.DAT also.
It is virtually impossible for normal users to delete INDEX.DAT because it is always in use by Explorer and hence “locked for editing”.

Non Standard Tracking Folders

Apart from the easily recognizable folder names like “Temporary Internet Files” or “Temp” folders , many notorious applications store internet history in obscure locations that are unknowing to the computer users.


Don’t be discouraged by what you just read thinking that you will never be able to surf in privacy, there are several top class applications available out there which are able to clear even the “undeletables” mentioned above. These softwares are made by world class experts and it will ensure safety & security for you so you can surf the internet in peace.

Erase Internet History – Warning
Do Not Pay For Any Program That Claims To Erase Your Internet History Until You Read This…  Privacy Software Reviews

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